Sunday, November 28, 2010


Jicama (pronounced ‘Hikama’) or Yam Bean is native to Mexico but has spread to South America, the Pacific and Asia. The turnip shaped and size tuber root has a yellow brown skin that can be easily peeled to reveal a creamy white interior.

Jicama’s crisp crunchy texture is similar to an apple or raw potato and has a lightly sweet and starchy taste. More often eaten raw it makes a great crispy addition to salads or stir fry when thinly sliced or julienne. Peeled and cut into wedges it goes well with a squeeze of lime juice or as a crudités in dips.

Jicama is sometimes used as a substitute for water chestnut in Chinese dishes, and added just before serving. It can be juiced or used in stuffing and a variety of other recipes. In addition to having a unique flavour and texture, Jicama carries flavour well, making it well suited to culinary experimentation.

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