Sunday, April 11, 2010

Organic Boom

20th March 2010

Are you one of the six people out of ten who bought some organic product last year? Then a great number of you are more than likely to be mothers who want to make sure you are providing the very best start in life for your children. You have considered the diseases of your parent’s generation, the rise in allergies, diabetes and other ailments and are showing a stronger interest in pure food for your family.

Perhaps you are baby boomer who was part of the first generation to ingest food subjected to chemicals, hormones and genetic modification? Then you are particularly interested in organics in a quest to detox and enjoy the rest of your life relatively free from disease.

Otherwise, you buy organic food because you have a social conscious and are concerned about the environment and have a comfortable knowledge of the benefits of organic farming to the earth and climate change.

More and more, organic food is becoming mainstream as consumers are interested to know about foods they eat, where it comes from, how it’s grown, the nutritional value, and how to prepare and cook it to its definitive excellence.

Although the higher prices can still be a barrier to some, consumers are now not so concerned about the appearance being perfect.

At a recent Organics Forum on the Tablelands, the diversity of products represented that were organic, bio-dynamic or farmed under permaculture or other environmentally friendly methods was staggering. We have a healthy organics industry here in tropical North Queensland; and its growing fast.

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