Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blue Swimmer Crab and Avocado with Sweet corn Gazpacho

Recipe by Lewis Taylor, The Sebel Cairns

Serves 4


Sweetcorn Gazpacho-Corn Kernels (300gm Tin)

2 Yellow Peppers (Roasted, de-seeded & Skinned)

1 Brown Onions (Diced)

100ml Champagne Vinegar

250ml Fish Stock ‘Campbell’s’

2 Garlic Clove Sliced

Crab Mix-Blue Swimmer Crab Meat

200ml Mayonnaise (Thomy)

1pc Lime Juice

1pc Lemon Zest (Grated)

2each Avocado Puree (Seasoned)

1/2 Cucumber (Sliced into Discs/Rounds)

pinch Cayenne Pepper

3 Tbsp Chopped Chives & Coriander

Sweetcorn Gazpacho

Sweat Onions & Garlic in little butter until transparent

De-glaze with Vinegar & reduce till dry

Add Corn Kernels with juice & Yellow Peppers & simmer for 10min’s

Add Fish Stock and reduce by 1/3

Puree in a blender & pass through a fine sieve

Add seasoning, a pinch of Cayenne Pepper & a squeeze of Lemon juice to taste

Chill immediately & keep cold till required

Crab Mix

Squeeze out excess moisture from Blue Swimmer crab meat.

Place Blue Swimmer Crab meat in a cold bowl. Add Cayenne Pepper, Onion chives, Coriander, Salt & Pepper, Lime Juice, Lemon Zest and a spoon of Mayonnaise. Fold to incorporate. Should not be too soggy. Correct Seasoning to taste

To Assemble

Using a round mould/cutter (approx 50mm diameter). Place in centre of service bowl/plate, place a Cucumber disc on bottom & Spoon some Avocado Puree into mould to accommodate approx 1/3 of volume.

Next place another Cucumber disc on top of puree & lightly press down to make surface flat. No need to push too hard.

Spoon Crab mixture in next to fill.

Next, sauce with chilled Sweetcorn Gazpacho, garnish with Cucumber ribbons and serve immediately.

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