Friday, December 31, 2010

National Left Over Day

Published Sunday 26th December 2010

Boxing Day; National Left Over Day. When the tumult and the shopping dies the day after Christmas we are all left with a fridge overflowing with turkey, ham bones, cranberry sauces and puddings, and all those special sweets that laden the table for the festive season.

So just how many ham and turkey sandwiches can you eat in this week? It’s worth noting that turkey should be eaten within two or three days, ham will last four or five days and roast beef or pork should also be used within three to four days. Freezing is the best way to keep them safe and delicious.

The best tip is to portion the meats into sizes chunks that will last you 3 days and wrap separately in plastic and then place in plastic freezer bag. Now you can have that ham or turkey sandwich when you want it. Freeze the meats as soon as possible to maintain the best quality for up to four months in the freezer.

Leftover ham and turkey make great salads and soups and a good addition to quiche, pasta, pies, pizza and casseroles, whilst cooked beef and pork work well with Asian salads, stir fries and curries. Don’t leave the cranberry sauce in the fridge until next year; it can be used in several sweets dishes.

Mix crumbled Christmas pudding into ricotta cream with a bit of butter and sugar and wrap in filo or puff pastry to bake for a strudel. Or mix the pudding with some cream into vanilla ice-cream and refreeze for an ice-cream variation. You can also add brandy to both of these ingredients for more flavour.

So enjoy the festive season and keep your food safe and without waste.

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