Saturday, January 23, 2010

Locavore Carnivore

It’s that time of year when our Lambassador, Sam Kekovich, is at it again, this time on a global scale, by proposing that the United Nations declare 26 January ‘International Australia Day’. Well Sam! lamb in this region creates food miles, so our tropical barbecues will be sizzling with local prawns, beef and pork on Australia Day.

With a long history of cattle and pig breeding in this region we have a number of producers offering outstanding cuts of meat.

Morganbury Meats at Walkamin supply butchers in Cairns with quality pork and beef. For years I have raved about their lean and sweet juicy flavoured pork that deserves cooking a little underdone.

On a boutique scale Marsh’s Specialist Butcher in Stratford breeds his own Hereford cattle on the family farm at Malanda where permaculture soil practices are used. Tucked away in the tiny hamlet of South Johnstone is the artisan work of a German butcher who creates an assortment of traditional continental smallgoods. Now also at Wongaling Beach, Northern Smallgoods is worthy of a visit when in either neighbourhood.

The emergence of organic bred meat into the local marketplace has come with Jervois Organic beef and Happy Beef – Happy Hog, whilst Neef Beef breeds (Natural, Ethical & Environmentally Friendly) Wagyu and Angus meats. These well nurtured animals run free in lush green pastures and look to be truly happy.

So on Australia Day don’t be un-Australian, ask for local grown meat for your barbecue.

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